That moment when you don’t want a conversation to end but don’t know what else to sayimage

ballsballsbowls: As a fellow medical professional who has friends that are ER docs, PLEASE RESPECT YO DICK AND AVOID SHARP EDGES. That said, I would be the dude convincing you to take up the dare by doubling the cash and offering to drive you to the ER.

I WOULD TAKE IT. As long as the fan had plastic blades though. Anything else is just asking for sausage bits with your scrambled eggs in the morning.

——**this has been a PSA**——

i’d be that one guy to put their dick inside a rotating plastic fan on a dare


So Sarah Paulson is upset with Sarah Paulson, because Sarah Paulson sings better than Sarah Paulson and now Sarah Paulson is thinking about killing Sarah Paulson