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TPP finally defeats its worst nightmare

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So its that time again I need to follow more blogs who post any of these shows

*Tokyo Ghoul
*Zankyou no Terror
*Love Stage
*Ao no Ride
*Aldnoah Zero
*Akame ga kill
*Gekkan Shojou Nozaki-Kun
*Sailor moon Crystal

i hate leaving messages because i never know how to get my self out

hhhggh i had a derma app tomorrow but decided not to go mostly because going to a hospital is energy draining but also because it was made without my approval lol …..

The biggest detail about Sigma (body wise) is the fact that he lost his right arm (this arm may be covered up by clothing though). Usually I don’t draw his prosthetic arm since I’m bad with limbs, but here it is! Kind of.

I’m still working it out, but it will have very few connections visible. I still have some research to do too!


who wore it better


skadi u perv


it is time… OMOCAT shop has finally reopened!

we have new apparel, prints, and a limited edition OMOCAT art book! some of the items are still low in stock after multiple conventions and our pop-up shop, but we are in the process of reordering them, and will restock the shop as soon as we can! fall line will also be coming very soon!!

thank you for your support! hope your wait was worth it :)